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It is important that our Monde dental lab customers have shipping labels. Each our shipping mailing labels which be fowarded via email after emailing contain their own unique, individual tracking number that designate exactly where the package originates, customer information. whether it's the UPS worldwide saver service to ensure customer get back case on next working day we shipped out current working day. Call 872.216.0319 now.

Step #1- Fill Out Rx Form


First prepare your order by placing the impression along with its Rx prescription in the box. Don't delay your cases please provide all necessary information. Completely fill out our prescription. Check all required boxes to ensure your Rx specifications are met. Carefully package your cases including your prescription. We ask that you follow these steps when packing your cases. Wet impressions place dried impression & bites in re-closale pouch bag provided to avoid damage and for infection control. Wrap impressions in a moist paper towel to retain moisture. Do not place Rx slip inside bag. Models/ Articulator Wrap models in bubble wrap provided to you, to ensure models from damage or from moving around places a rubber band around models. Place all prepared items in a pre-labeled cushion mailer. If you have questions or comments regarding how to ship/ package your cases, email us at or place a phone call to us at 872.216.0319

Step #2 Obtain UPS /Fedex shipping labels


ID: testw94879

password: Monde27363184

then follow the instructions on how to "create a shipment", there is detail to make you create shipping label step by step. please read it carefully. thanks.


Step #3 - The next step is to schedule a pick up for your order.


We prefer customers contact UPS phone # 1- 800-742-5877 to arrange delivery of packages since this method has proved most effective.
Save money on shipping costs. The shipping cost UPS courier charge for shipping orders via UPS worldwide saver service in china is depending on the size. This charge is applied to incoming cases. Lab customers can save money on shipping costs by bundling cases. Our shipping boxes are 6" x 8" x 4" in size which is easily large enough to contain several cases per container.  If you have more than 1 case. we suggest customers send multiple cases in one mailer and separate each case with its prescription in a plastic pouch and place then all in the same box.

Note: $25 will be added to your invoice if you send us small amount (less than $400 invoice), more details please contact our sales representative .  Please put this in mind that we only pay for one way shipping cost. 

Please connect your Trios to our 3 shape account :

How to send us a Full House Denture Over Implants Case:

Step 1: Dentist send us one impression tray with analogs and transfers.

            Opposite model


We will send back the first time bite registration to dentist for try in..



Step 2: Dentist will receive the wax bite registration now need to try in patient mouth, send this bite with input light body in occlusal back to our technicians. Let us know the highness is good or not, buttom is good or not by input light body in occlusal/buttom.


Step 3: we will finish the metal abutments and acrylic denture together and send back again to dentist.


Step 4: a: Dentist have to screw in the metal abutments into patient mouth with 15 newton power, and don’t need to screw out , and let us know the abutments is high or not, because if it is high it will touch the opposite teeth. B: Dentist have to let us know the denture is correct bite or not and input light body in occlusal again and let us know if the bite is correct or incorrect by light body, not by photos….


Send back denture which have to together with input light body in occlusion to our technicians. Leave abutments in patient mouth, if the abutments is very high it would be touched the opposite teeth, patient will inform dentist….


Step 5: Our technicians will make the abutments again (free charge) in lab and finish the metal/zirconia framework and porcelain built up and contouring .. send back again to dentist..


Step 6: Dentist put the Full house bridge into patient mouth and input light body in occlusal and let us know every thing bite is correct or incorrect.. buccal is good or too thin or too thick, lingual is good for patient or not… bite is good or not… let us know by input light body in occlusal again not by photos…


Step 7: Finished the case and delivery.

Monde Lab is your lab partner that you can trust and must work together immediately.

  • Full Service Dental Lab

  • High quality with optimal service

  • Perfect margin

  • Affordable price

  • FDA certified material

  • Fast cement and save time

  • Good fitting

  • UPS shipping Carrier

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