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PFM $26
Semi-PFM $52
High Noble Yellow -PFM $520 (AU90%)
Post $5
Partial Denture Set up $26
Partial Denture Finish $26
Zirconia layered $49 (Sagemax, Argen Zirconia, BSM CHINA, Lava, Cercon)
Full Zirconia $39, Full House $499
Emax Veneer / Crown (Press Method) $39,  Cad Design and Milling one $39
RPD Full Denture $34 set up try in, $34 Full Denture Finish
Design and Printing Full Denture Finish $68
Metal Framework $40
Valplast $86
Y+ Full Yellow Crown $350 (Au 2%),   99% Au Crown $599
Custom Implant Titanium Grade 5 Abutment $130
Temporary PMMA Crown $9
Telescope Crown $199  (Inner and outer with Ivoclar Resins)
Hawley Retainer $80, 1.0 thickness Retainer $26, Bilateral Retainer $40,
silensor $120, Bielle Herbst $122
shipping cost is free from our lab to your clinic dentistry when invoice is over 400USD, otherwise we will charge $25 per package .
Turnaround time would be 7-10 working days
More pricing .......
please call us 872.216.0319
Here is our material use:
1, Stone is from Germany Dentona.
2, Metal from 
Nobilium, Argen.
3, Porcelain from Vita and Ivoclar Vivadent .
4, Empress from Ivoclar Vivadent.
5, Zirconia from Argen and Besmile zirconia.
6, Glaze from Ivoclar Vivadent.

7, Arylic is from Densply QC20
8,Valplast is from TCS and Valplast.
9,Retainer is from Erkodent

Monde Lab is your lab partner that you can trust and must work together immediately.

  • Full Service Dental Lab

  • High quality with optimal service

  • Perfect margin

  • Affordable price

  • FDA certified material

  • Fast cement and save time

  • Good fitting

  • UPS shipping Carrier

  • Your best partner

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