PFM $30
Semi-PFM $52
High Noble -PFM $352
Partial Denture Set up $26
Partial Denture Finish $26
Zirconia layered $49 (Sagemax, Argen Zirconia, BSM CHINA, Lava, Cercon)
Full Zirconia $39
Emax Veneer / Crown (Press Method) $69,  Cad Design and Milling one $49
RPD Full Denture $30 set up try in, $30 Full Denture Finish
Metal Framework $40
Valplast $86
Y+ Full Yellow Crown $350 approximate (Au 2%)
Custom Implant Titanium Grade 5 Abutment $230
Temporary PMMA Crown $9
Telescope Crown $199  (Inner and outer with Ivoclar Resins)
More pricing .......
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