Features: 1, High Transluency

                2, Great Margin

                3, 15 years dental technician work

                4, Great Contact, Occlusal Contact

                5, Great Fitting

                6, Great Anatomy

                7, High Polish

Fixed Restoration

PFM Non-Precious                     $45

PFM Semi-Precious                   $75

PFM Butt Margin                        $20

PFM Yellow High Noble             $195

PFM White High Noble              $165

MaryLand Bridge                       $65

Metal Free Restoration

Zirconia Crown Segamax                  $80

Zirconia Zirkonzahn                           $170

IPS e.max                                           $75

IPS e.max Veneers                             $75

shofu Composite                                 $120


Removable Restoration

Full Denture Set up Try-in                    $40 

Valplast Finish                                       $70

CoCr Metal Framework                        $80

Denture Reline                                     $40


Removable Restoration

Full Denture Set up Try-in                    $40 

Vaplast Finish                                       $70

CoCr Metal Fremework                        $80

Denture Reline                                     $40


Implants and Attachments

Custom Implant Abutment                 $185 

Implant Componets                            $250

Milling abutment only                         $35

Ponticlock attachment                        $50


Additional Services

Diagnostic Wax-up                             $10

Pink Gum Porcelain                           $10

Rest Seat                                           $10

N.P. Post & Core                                $25

Temporary Crown                              $10

Snap on Smile                                   $200

Orthodontics                                      $100


Volume Discount Available

Upper Denture
Work Under Mircosope
Metal Polish
Upper Framework
Yellow Gold Crown
Lower Framework with Bite Block
Upper Framework
Lower Framework Only
Gold Crown
Full Upper Try in
Flush Bridge PFM
Lower Telsecope with denture
Upper and Lower Immediate Denture
Upper Flush
Upper Partial Denture
Upper Implant
Lower Telescope with denture
Metal Crown
Laboratory QC Room
Laboratory Porcelain Contour
Laboratory Porcelain Build Up Room


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