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About Us

Launca is a leading provider of innovative technical solutions in digital dentistry.

 Founded in 2013, Launca is headquatered in Songshan Lake, Dongguan(China), with an additional operational office in Shenzhen (China). Launca has been focusing on intraoral scanning system development based on its market including DL-100 in 2016,DL-150 in 2018, DL-202 in 2019, and DL-206 in 2020.

 Currently, Launca has supplied our intraoral scanners in over 50 countries. We are proud to be a preferred global partner for dental practices, dental laboratories and authorized distributors. Our vision is to continuously create advanced intraoral scanning solutions to increase the efficiency, quality and patient comfort of the dental services around the world.


As the latest member of Launca DL-200 series, DL-206 is by far the lightest, smallest, but also the most powerful powder-free intraoral scanner we've ever made, it delivers superior dentist/patient satisfaction with enhanced scan accuracy, ease of scan and intelligent functionity. DL-206 intraoral scanner provides you with not only the easier entrance to digital dental treatment workflow but also open data connection to CAD/CAMplatforms.

Embrace the future of digital dentistry and make the switch,starting now.

Flexible solution crafted for 

you rpractice

You can choose gaming notebook, gaming desktop computer or Launca unique acquisition unit to be suitable to your usage scenario.

Monde Lab est votre partenaire de laboratoire en qui vous pouvez avoir confiance et qui doit travailler ensemble immédiatement.

  • Laboratoire dentaire à service complet

  • Haute qualité avec un service optimal

  • Marge parfaite

  • Prix abordable

  • Matériau certifié FDA

  • Ciment rapide et gain de temps

  • Bon ajustement

  • Transporteur UPS

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