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Since 2008

30 days Due Date Payment

Telelscope crowns make cleaning denture
better than ever before.

At Monde Dental Lab, we fabricate high quality dental restoration (crowns, dentures, partials, & appliances) by our experienced technicians, our commitment to ongoing customer support, and fast turnaround time. (7-10 working days)

PFM $26, Semi-PFM $52, Full Denture Set up $34

Denture Finish $34, Valplast $86, Framework $40

Zirconia $39, Veneer $49, Zirconia Full House $700, Temp Crown $9......

IPS e.max
Incisal spécial (gris SI)
Dentine occlusale (OD Brown)
Dentine de puissance
Ceram Selection Aqua
Transpa (T Marron-Gris)
IMG_6482 2.HEIC

How to Take a great impression by dentist? please visit our video here.

Please follow the 7 steps in taken impression tray:

Step 1: Air the die in patient mouth to make his die is dry

        2: Input light body into the die

        3: Air the light body into gingival

        4: Input light body one more time (this step is super important)

        5: Heavy body now.

        6: Say to patient " don't move " now and hold the impression trays in patient mouth for 300 seconds.

        7: Take the impression tray out of patient's mouth for delivery to me not others... 

Huge difference between common tray and custom tray.

Why Dentists Choose us? 

One Minute Seating Crown

24/7 Support

Cut Lab Bill into 50%

Net 30 Payment

FDA Approved  Materials

Licensed Professionals

Special Offers

Commentaires du dentiste

Ciment plus rapide et bonne marge, l'occlusion est parfaite. Les techniciens communiqueraient avec moi pour assurer un travail de qualité. Nous aimons ça.

Dr Leon du Texas aux États-Unis

China Dental Lab
It looks great, perfect crown. Dentist happy, Patient happy.

Dentist From CA, 

How to send us a Full House Denture Over Implants Case:

Step 1: Dentist send us one impression tray with analogs and transfers.

            Opposite model


We will send back the first time bite registration to dentist for try in..



Step 2: Dentist will receive the wax bite registration now need to try in patient mouth, send this bite with input light body in occlusal back to our technicians. Let us know the highness is good or not, buttom is good or not by input light body in occlusal/buttom.


Step 3: we will finish the metal abutments and acrylic denture together and send back again to dentist.


Step 4: a: Dentist have to screw in the metal abutments into patient mouth with 15 newton power, and don’t need to screw out , and let us know the abutments is high or not, because if it is high it will touch the opposite teeth. B: Dentist have to let us know the denture is correct bite or not and input light body in occlusal again and let us know if the bite is correct or incorrect by light body, not by photos….


Send back denture which have to together with input light body in occlusion to our technicians. Leave abutments in patient mouth, if the abutments is very high it would be touched the opposite teeth, patient will inform dentist….


Step 5: Our technicians will make the abutments again (free charge) in lab and finish the metal/zirconia framework and porcelain built up and contouring .. send back again to dentist..


Step 6: Dentist put the Full house bridge into patient mouth and input light body in occlusal and let us know every thing bite is correct or incorrect.. buccal is good or too thin or too thick, lingual is good for patient or not… bite is good or not… let us know by input light body in occlusal again not by photos…


Step 7: Finished the case and delivery.

Pourquoi externaliser le laboratoire dentaire

Travailler en Chine?

Monde Dental Lab est situé à Shenzhen en Chine. Il a la plus grande concentration de main-d'œuvre, de fabricants et de fournisseurs de techniciens de laboratoire dentaire au monde. Chez Monde Dental Lab, nous retenons un large bassin de techniciens dentaires hautement talentueux et expérimentés pour fabriquer des couronnes, des prothèses dentaires, des partiels et des appareils de qualité, le tout à un coût inférieur à celui des laboratoires dentaires occidentaux et européens.

Models For Dental School Students to Practice

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Monde Lab is your lab partner that you can trust and must work together immediately.

  • Full Service Dental Lab

  • High quality with optimal service

  • Perfect margin because we utilize CNC technology

  • Affordable price

  • FDA certified material

  • Fast cement and save time

  • Good fitting because we utilize CNC technology

  • UPS shipping Carrier

  • Your best partner

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