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China Dental Lab

PFM $26, Semi-PFM $52, Full Denture Set up $30

Denture Finish $30, Valplast $86, Framework $40

Zirconia $39, Veneer $39, Temp Crown $9......

Since 2008

Telelscope crowns make cement 

faster than ever before.

At Monde Dental Lab, we fabricate high quality dental restoration (crowns, dentures, partials, & appliances) by our experienced technicians, our commitment to ongoing customer support, and fast turnaround time. (7-10 working days)

IPS e.max
Special Incisal (SI Grey)
Occlusal Dentin (OD Brown)
Power Dentin
Ceram Selection Aqua
Transpa (T Brown-Grey)
Denture Milling

Special Offers