Since 2008

Telelscope crowns make cement 

faster than ever before.

At Monde Dental Lab, we fabricate high quality dental restoration (crowns, dentures, partials, & appliances) by our experienced technicians, our commitment to ongoing customer support, and fast turnaround time.

IPS e.max
Special Incisal (SI Grey)
Occlusal Dentin (OD Brown)
Power Dentin
Ceram Selection Aqua
Transpa (T Brown-Grey)
Denture Milling
Crowns and Bridges

Our Commitment to High Quality Dental Restorations

Why Outsource Dental Laboratory 

Work to China? 

Monde Dental Lab is located in Shenzhen China. It has the largest concentration of dental laboratory technician labour force, manufacturers and suppliers in the world.  At Monde Dental Lab, we retain a large pool of highly talented and experienced dental technicians to make quality crowns, dentures, partials and appliances all at a lower cost than Western and European dental labs.

Dentist Feedback

Faster cement and good margin, occlusion is just right.  Technicians would communicates with me to ensure quality workmanship.  We love it.

Dr. Leon from Texas US

China Dental Lab

Monde Lab is your lab partner that you can trust and must work together immediately.

  • Full Service Dental Lab

  • High quality with optimal service

  • Perfect margin

  • Affordable price

  • FDA certified material

  • Fast cement and save time

  • Good fitting

  • UPS shipping Carrier

  • Your best partner

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