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Monde Dental Laboratory is a full service china dental lab in Shenzhen China. Please email to get our $10/$15/$20/$25 good pricing. Our company opened its doors in 2008, We've treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Serving the dental industry for years, We have built a national reputation for providing comprehensive, accurate, and high quality dental laboratory services for both private practices and nation's leading teaching institutions, inlcuding stackale feldspathic porcelain veneers restorations that provide the most sophisticated true-to-life esthetic's technically and artistically possible.


Monde dental lab provides the highest level of service to across the country. We know size of your dental practice doesn't matter, we offer beautiful restorations at economical prices without sacrificing quality. That is the MONDE WAY. Outstanding customer service our caring staff prides themselves on bing helpful and courteous. Monde dental lab offers one of the most extensive product lines in the dental laboratory industry. Whether it is fixed or removable, no cases is to big or small. Monde dental lab is equipped to handle the most comprehensive analysis, and implementation of your dental restorations. 


Quality dental restorations that we reaved about for their superior esthetics and fit by the country's top dentists. High volume and high quality go together like a hand in a glove. Monde dental lab streamline fabricated operation blends the best of both worlds, with over 300,000 restorations completed each month. With a strong international team of CERTIFIED dental technicians, using only CE and FDA approved materials in the production of your restorations, you can be confident on our quality and service. Taking care of  clients big and small with personal touch.


Serving the dental industry for decades, Monde dental lab has built a national reputation for providing comprehensive, accurate, and high quality dental laboratory service for both private practices and the nation's leading teaching institutions, including stackable feldspathic porcelain veneers. Providing the most sophisticated true-to-life esthetics technically and artistically possible.


The inspiration for the creation of Monde Dental Lab came from Thomas L. Friedman’s 2005 best seller, "The World is Flat." In this landmark book Thomas Friedman’s examination of the influences shaping business and competition in a technology-fueled global environment serves as a call to action for governments, businesses and individuals who must stay ahead of these trends in order to remain competitive.



Today Global dental laboratory industry is facing a critical shortage of skilled technicians. Training is often brief, inadequate and informal, resulting in a shortage of quality product despite an ever increasing demand for it. Subsequently, prices have skyrocketed.


In response to these competitive forces, many labs from all over the world have outsourced their work, mainly to Asian labs. The quality is astounding, the labor costs low and the turnaround quick, resulting in an increase in the bottom line for the lab. Monde Dental Lab allows the private practitioner to tap into these resources and take advantage of the global economy, as large multi-national corporations have for years.


Monde Dental Lab without the inherent overhead of a traditional lab, can pass the savings along to the dentist. Monde Dental Lab brings the advantages of the global economy to the dental office in a way never before possible.

​Using the logistical principles of consolidation, collaboration, and connectivity, Monde Dental Lab can enhance the doctor’s bottom line, enabling him or her to allocate more resources to technology and remain competitive.

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Vitalium 2000 Partial Denture

The Austenal® brand for removable partial denture frameworks is best known for its Vitallium® products. Vitallium is the name dentists have known and trusted for over 75 years. Once considered a miracle alloy, Vitallium’s strength allows for lighter, more comfortable partial dentures.